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Welcome to Mimansha

Mimansha Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is a new network marketing company and division of Mimansha herbals- a manufacturer of research-based Ayurvedic (Herbal) pharmaceuticals and herbal supplements.

Through extensive R&D combining modern techniques with traditional remedies, developed numerous products, the efficacy of which has been proven in clinical trials. The company has a Government of India approved Research Laboratory comprising of a qualified team of Scientists. Scientist are publishes a number of Research paper in national and international journal and achieved various awards.


News & Updates


Following Rewards will be change from 1st of May, 2014

1. In place of 30 Pairs (Mobile) new is 50 Pairs (Calling Tablet)

2. In Place of 75 Pairs (Mini Laptop) new is 125 Pairs (Laptop - HP)

3. In Place of 150 Pairs (Laptop/LCD) new is 150 Pairs (LED 32')

Bonanza & Rewards Distribution

Dear Mimansha Family,

Monthly Rewards and Bonanza Rewards distribution held on 26th April, 2014 at Mimansha Office, Lucknow at 02:00 P.M.


Dear Mimansha Family,

If you want to become a service provider or depot holder of the company, you have to deposit only Rs. 25000/- for service provider login and purchase the products of Rs. One Lac within 45 days and Rs. 50000/- for depo login and purchase the products of Rs. Five Lacs within the 45 days.

Terms & Conditions

1. 45 days count from service provider or depo on showing on the web.

2. If you are not fulfilling the above target your login is cancelled and your deposit will be returns back and you are not entitled for any bonus on the purchase of that time.


From 1st of May, 2014

All the Depot Holder and Service Provider of the company should be maintained the stock of Rs. 1.25 Lac and Rs. 25,000 in between 1st to 5th day of every month. If anyone failed to the maintained as above the login is cancelled of those people.

Trisiddh Ayurved & Panchkarma, Almbagh, Lucknow

Date: 2014-04-27

Start Time: 10.00am

End Time: 08.3.PM

Venue: Trisiddh Ayurved & Panchkarma, Almbagh, Lucknow

Details: Daily 1-1 meeting and training on products and marketing plan by JP Giri (1st LDB aciever) Mob-8052879000, 9235626364.Patient counselling daily by Dr. Kuber Giri Mob-9936350310. All leaders to avail this facility.

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